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Board of Directors

Hacioglu gold mining, benefits from its experienced management team with a strong track record and extensive expertise in gold mining and project execution in an opportunity-rich mining region.

Yasin Hacıoğlu

Chairman of the Board of Directors
Chief Executive Officer, Operations

Assigned as CEO of Hacioglu gold mining in 2016. Before the assignment, Mr. Hacıoğlu participated in the board of management.
In these positions, the purchase of RE-IPO and the 1.7 Billion USD tender deposit of the Busia mining region in Hacioglu Gold Mining created great awareness.
They became the population of Çanakkale, after coming to Turkey in 2002.
Yasin Hacıoğlu passed both high school and college education, he completed his last two years of high school at Robert College. After he entered the Department of Economics at the University of Cambridge, where he studied for a bachelor’s degree in economics.
He then completed his postgraduate studies at the University of Westminster, completing his master's degree as well. Mr. Hacıoğlu started shaping his career life and also received the Hrd Antwerp Diamond of Grader specialization.
Hacıoğlu made statements to press and broadcasting corporations that have an important place in the world, such as The Guardian, NY Times, and Bloomberg.
He has been working as the CEO of West Africa Operation actively since 2020.


Sercan Yaşa

Senior Vice President, Finance and Strategy

Mr. Sercan Yaşa joined the Hacioglu family in 2016, after having an extremely successful career in the fields of finance and diplomacy. Mr. Sercan, accordingly to annual institutional investors surveys, Mr. Sercan rated as the best in the industry in both BDT and EMEA regions for many years. Mr. Sercan has been actively involved in lines of important transactions in the industry.

Mr. Sercan graduated with an honor degree in Business and International Relations Institute of Marmara University with a degree in Economics and supported with a master's degree in Distance education.

He has been working on board of management in Hacioglu gold mining since 2016.

He has been working as the Senior Vice President of West Africa Operation actively since 2020.


Vedat Ocak

General Coordinator, Purchasing Department Manager

He was born in 1970 in Düsseldorf, Germany. He had his primary school and secondary school education in Germany, and finished his high school education in Mersin Tevfik Sırrı Gür Highschool, he after graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Engineering Geophysical Engineering in 1995.

After completing his military service in 1996, he joined Kiska Komandit Ltd at the Dicle Barrage, he started his business life as a drilling and injection engineer. Later, he started his career as a tunnel engineer in the tunnels of many prestigious barrage, highways, and metro projects in Turkey and continued his business life as a construction site supervisor, project manager, and tunnel coordinator.

Since 2020, he has started his working life in the Gold Mining sector, which he started in Burkina Faso, West Africa. As of 2021, he has been working as General Coordinator of Hacioglu Goldmine. He is married and the father of two children.


Salih Erenoğlu

Logistics Coordinator, Purchasing and Marketing

Salih Erenoğlu was born in Istanbul, Turkey. He studied at Yedikule Anatolian High School, the graduated from the Maritime Transportation and Management of İstanbul Bilgi University.

He started his career as a ship captain and then continued as Operations Manager in powerful maritime companies. He achieved success by associating his passion for the sea with the logistics industry.

While his captain's instincts, problem-solving skills and calmness in crisis management brought him success in the logistics sector, he has been working as the Logistics Coordinator of Hacioglu Goldmine since 2021.


Ali Kocakaya

Head of Security, Coordinator

Ali Kocakaya was born in 1973 both lived and completed his first education phases in İzmir until 1987. He stepped in to the focal point of his life, Security, by passing the exams and tests of Police College and Police Academy later in 1992. Graduated there in 1996 , joined the honorable forces of General Police Directorate in the rank of Police Officer.

Been assigned to the protection of State Official's Bureau until the date it was time to get recruitted by the honorable Turkish Armed Forces in 1999, in The Commando Units in the East of Türkiye. Completed his Service for the love of his life that is his Country, got back to work and to another duty, Motorbiked Police Units as Captain, that time. Also worked at Narchotic Crimes and against Organised Crimes units until 2010.

Father of a son.
Worked for the numerous and reputable Companies such as Çalık Energy , General Electric & Alstom in Irak in big different projects. Honoured with the call of Hacioglu gold mining in 2022 and working as the Security Coordinator.


Mehmet Şirin

Company Lawyer, Commercial Law Consultant

After graduating from Istanbul University Faculty of Law, continuing his career as a commercial and criminal lawyer, Mehmet Şirin joined the Hacioglu gold mining team in 2018. Mehmet Şirin still takes an active role in many non-governmental organizations.

Mehmet Şirin, who has achieved significant success in the field of criminal and commercial law, is one of the pioneers of his profession in the fields of Criminal Law, Administrative and Tax Law, Commercial and Corporate Law, Consumer Law, and Contracts Law.

He has been actively working as a commercial legal adviser for Operation West Africa since 2020.


Laminu Maikankan

Hacioglu Security Chief, National Security

Laminu Maikankan, who has been the official bodyguard of Ghanaian President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo since 2016, has been appointed as the international security chief of Hacioglu gold mining as of 2021, within the scope of special permits.
He completed his primary and secondary education in 2002 – 2005 Ghana High School,
He completed his university education at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa.
CYBERX AFRICA 2021 and ASIS ACCRA 2022 at the African Security Conference
He undertook the internal and external security duties of the region.

He was commissioned by the President to identify the advanced cybersecurity necessary to protect networks, the information technology systems of critical information infrastructure, industrial control systems to provide a safer cyberspace.

Awards And Achievements
Best Security Of The Year (Gold Star) 2022
National Security, Best Team leader Of The Year(Gold Star)2020 National Security, Most disciplined Security 2021, City Link Group of Companies

National Security Operations
Office of the Former President,
His Excellency John Dramani Mahama 2012 – 2016,
President’s office
Her Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo
2016 – Present
Analyzing security issues, accessing expected trends and prioritizing activities, Paying an advisory role,Going on patrol to ensure national security,
Hacioglu mining CEO Mr.Yasin Hacıoğlu, private government protection.


Yeliz Taşkın

Accounting Manager, Finance Employees

Yeliz Taşkın, was born in Istanbul in 1988. Taşkın, completed her primary and secondary education in Gazi Ahmet Muhtar.

After completing her high school education at Paşa Primary School and Istanbul Trade Vocational High School, She graduated from Anadolu University Faculty of Business Administration in 2010. University Education National Automotive Construction Industry and Trade Limited in 2010 after completing She started her career in her company as an accountant.

Later in 2017 She joined the Hacioglu family in 2017 by obtaining the Accountant and Financial Advisory  (Manager) certificate. Since 2017, he has been providing Financial Advisory and Consultancy services to many sectors.

Financial In addition to Advisory and Advisory Services, Financial Services Specialist and Accountant in 2018
As an expert, he works as an expert in the courts of the Republic of Turkey. She is married and has a child.


Emre Hakalmaz

Field Coordinator, Operations Manager

Emre Hakalmaz was born in Istanbul in 1991. After completing his primary, secondary and higher education in Istanbul. Hakalmaz, together with his family, undersigned many successful projects in the industry, and in 2021, Hacioglu was appointed as the field operations coordinator of gold mining.

Hakalmaz, is the financial advisor of commercial field operations in Africa and Turkey.
All of the West Africa Field operation duties are carried out by Haklamaz.


Osman Uluç

Precious Metals Expert, Appraisal and Reporting

Osman Uluç was born in Malatya, came to Istanbul when he was 4 months old, continued his education in Istanbul and started his business life after graduation.

Uluç, who has all the necessary equipment in precious metals, has been working in the precious metal sector for more than 12 years.

jewelry, precious metal purchase He specialized in the sale of gold, appraisal of gold, diamonds and valuable papers. Uluç, who has mastered all the stages of a product from pure gold to the showcase, has been appointed as Hacioglu gold mining precious metal evaluation specialist as of 2022. Uluç has two married daughters.